Daddy’s Day Gift Ideas for All Kinds of Dads

We’ve grouped them into categories to make it easier for you to shop for Father’s Day!


Stumped with Father’s Day bribe … errr … present ideas? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here is a list of gift ideas for the most important man in your life, by his “Dad Type”.




Dad Type: Imagine having a disciplinary teacher meets Bill Nye at home.


Stuff he might like:

# The classic bow-tie (do NOT get the clip-ons!)

# Cookie-cutter executive shirt – maybe add a dash of coolness and pair it with a modern suspender. He’ll appreciate it anyway.

# If he wears eyeglasses, a cord frame holder will go a long away in giving you a flexible curfew.

# Buy a manly handkerchief (that’s right – it’s a tissue you don’t throw away) and have his initials embroidered on it. He’ll think of you every time he blows his nose.

# You can never go wrong with a classic batik printed shirt (leave the abstract design ones alone). Just stick to classic prints and you’ll be out of firing range.


You’re 5 seconds past your curfew!





Dad Type: Slightly eccentric, loves to go against the grain, tech-savvy, enjoys artisanal stuff … your all-around cool dad. Oops! We mean “Papa”.


Stuff he might like:

# A superhero or pop-culture t-shirt with matching beaded necklaces.

# Handmade travel journal – to maintain the hipster vibe.

# Vintage or an antique mini chest with a limited-edition vinyl record of The Beatles inside (for Beatnix babies).

# Any industrial + vintage looking lamp, paperweight or other similar items for his office.

# Get him a linen shirt, vest or jacket – the ultimate hipster fashion must-have. Your raised party allowance will thank you.

# All hipsters are suckers for artisanal or cool packaging. So, buy shaving sets, grooming sets, etc. for him with these types of packaging.

#  Leather messenger bags are all the hipster rage. Worth every cent of your saved allowance.


Psst … Your hipster dad is going to a hipster café and read a hipster book. Don’t tell your mom!





Dad Type: The silent type. Unless it’s a “yes, dear” or “no, dear” response.


Stuff he might like:

# A handy cleaning kit – the grab-and-go kind. To save nagging time from your mom.

# Words like “To be or not to be … I’d better ask my wife” printed on a t-shirt.

# Give him back some manliness with a book on “How to Fix My Wife’s Jewellery”.

# Present him with a mug to give to your mom that has “My Wife is Right” printed on it. You will all enjoy a peaceful, Father’s Day dinner. Guaranteed.

# For the ultimate gift, get him a suit – the kind that’s printed on an apron.


I’m in charge! *when my wife is not available*




Dad Type: Always full of energy and can sometimes lovingly annoy the lazy bottom you. Pushes you to explore nature outdoors, not the virtual kind. Allergic to couch potatoes.


Stuff he might like:

# A wide-brimmed fedora hat, to complete his Indiana Jones adventure look.

# Give him the seasoned explorer feel by presenting him with a cool bomber jacket. For those cold nights camping near crocodile-infested muddy swamps.

# Get a power-packed mini-LED flashlight so that he can read his GPS, physical map and see the trail in front of him. Make that 4 pieces – one for spare.

# There’s water everywhere in the great outdoors, so let your dad’s phone be protected with a waterproof phone case.

# A mini compass keychain would be handy for your dad to navigate his way around. Doesn’t matter if he is clueless on its usage, at least he has the “wow” explorer factor locked down.


I should have worn “My Daddy Made Me Do This … HELP!” t-shirt





Dad Type: Too young at heart and full of life. Wants to preserve his youth with fast cars, flashy blings and overtime trips to the gym. Totally loves the question – “Is this your brother?” when people ask you.


Stuff he might like:

# Give him a day of glamour by renting a convertible. Whizzing around town with the top down will make him feel like the millionaire of the year.

# Bring him out for a day of paintball and let him have a field day playing Schwarzenegger. Just remember to bring the ointment and ice pack.

# You’ll earn a lifetime of daddy privileges when you sign him up for private flying lessons #truestory.

# Anything gold plated or in pure silver that glitters will win his heart and his reconstructed pearly white smile.

# Gift him a set of workout singlets for him to show-off his rippling pectorals and washboard abs at the gym.


Oops! Forgot my bald spot. Now on with the selfie …





Dad Type: Wacky, artistic and constantly curious. Even if it’s just tying your shoelaces, he’ll think of a few fun ways to tie it, which have resulted in you missing the school bus a few times.


Stuff he might like:

# Custom printed t-shirt designed by a local artist. He’ll flaunt it like it was the next fashion trend.

# A creative laptop cover for his precious laptop where he stores his closely guarded, ingenious designs.

# Get any pop-culture merchandise, vintage or current, and you’ll be forgotten in an instant (kidding).

# Look for seven different creative handphone casings and label them to be used for different days of the
week. He will be excited like a schoolboy and will say yes to anything you ask.

# A timeless USB Lava Lamp will be his hypnotic muse whenever he needs inspiration.


Ok dad. I’ve done what you want. Now where’s my double shot of milk like you promised?



Now, where can you find these items in Melaka?

# Jonker Street and Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock – creative stuff, t-shirts, vintage, antiques, pop-culture items, hipster stuff, custom-printed mugs and t-shirts.

# Little India, Jalan Bendahara – Blings, and more blings.

# Freeport A’Famosa Outlet, Alor Gajah – Branded fashion apparel and others.

# Bandar Hilir area (Dataran Pahlawan, Mahkota Parade, Souvenir Shops, Medan Samudera) – A Mix of Everything: Part 1.

# Noor Arfa Batik Outlet – Batik shirts, handkerchiefs, neckties, etc.

# RazKashmir Crafts, Jalan Tukang Besi – Exotic crafts and knick-knacks.

# Ayer Keroh area (AEON Mall, Melaka Fashion City, Gee Kraf at Taman Mini Malaysia) – A Mix of Everything: Part II.

# International Aero Training Academy – Private flying lessons

# FlashPoint Paintball Park – Paintball.


We believe that whatever you decide to buy or create, your dad will feel like the happiest soul on earth because it’s his day to be appreciated. And of course, a whole day’s license to pull as many pranks on you as possible (think payback). Happy Father’s Day!


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