Let’s Get Narcissi-Stick

How Selfies and Selfie Sticks revolutionised digital photography (along with some handy tips).



C’mon. Admit it. You secretly enjoy the 5 seconds or more of fame that the promise of your viraled self-portrait, or globally known as a selfie; taken with your snazzy smartphone will get you. With bated breath, you – what? Wait with excitement as the thumbs-up or heart-shapes begin to escalate on your social media assets? Or the reassurance that your peers give to make you feel even better about yourself? Whatever the reason, the digital age of self-portrait photography has definitely transformed the creative world of digital photography.


Photography pioneer Robert Cornelius in his and the world’s earliest documented selfie in 1839

This global phenomenon has instigated photographers to collaborate with digital selfie influencers, with their ingenious projects featured in gallery’s, exhibits and of course, on social media. Celebrities, socialites and even activists have joined the bandwagon by sharing their creative selfies to promote messages that emotes empowerment, self-worth and compassion. So as you can see, the impact of selfies on planet earth’s netizens are just astronomical. Well, here’s what we think :


Digital art or self-love on overdrive?

We’re pretty sure you’ll insist that it is a newer form of self-portrait photography and should be considered as an art form as it tells a story, like how you would perceive a painted canvas in an art gallery. That pouty pair of lips, sucked in cheeks and tummy – all in preparation to take a strategically angled photo just to make it look “natural” and effortless, say at Klebang Beach or Pantai Klebang. We’d like to think that a little bit of narcissism and a lot of creativity are required to produce the desired selfie. If you’re unsure how, just refer to Kim Kardashian’s Selfish book on … what else … selfies! So let’s snap and share away!


This could be your “beach babes” wefie moment at Klebang Beach

Introducing the Selfie Stick.

Tripod – what? Gone are the three-metal-leg stands, where once-upon-a-time cameras were perched on and timers were set for a single or group photo. Fast-forward to the present and behold! Presenting the selfie stick, also known as a narciss-stick. A perfect extension for the smartphone and to the whooping glee of selfie enthusiasts. It can reach places where no extended arm can reach, especially for selfies/wefies in front of the Stadthuys landmark in Melaka. Sometimes, much to the chagrin of others as it can be pretty disruptive if used blatantly. Like that woman who took tripped, fell and destroyed a section of an art installation. We feel your selfie/wefie should be an enjoyable, fun experience as long as you brush up on your wefie/selfie finesse.


Selfies-made-easy with these handy selfie sticks

Imprinting travel memories.

Right. So you’re a solo traveller. You’re at Jonker Street trying to ask anyone in passing  to take a photo of you using your smartphone’s camera. Then, with a flash of a nanosecond brilliance, you decide to take a selfie instead. You realise the coolness of it all, as you make your way back to that vendor who was selling a selfie stick. Armed with your new accessory, you continue to self-snap your way around Melaka while trying out creative and flattering angles with your new found toy. Although we’re all “yay” on sharing your Melaka wanderlust snapshots on social media, we’re pretty sure that no one would want you to flood them with 15 different poses in one location – cue yawn. So keep it fresh, creative and let it tell a story.



Lasting travel memories captured

The Cash Cow.

Now here’s where even the naysayers wish they can capitalise on … the money-making selfie. Starry-eyed wannabes dreaming to be the next Kylie Jenner or Justin Bieber by trying to reach those hit numbers, for the small chance that brands would notice and offer them a deal of a lifetime. Glamourous? Maybe. Work your arms off? Definitely! Being relevant, off-kilter and engaging is the main reason selfie influencers always chase for numbers in order to keep their online jobs. We say, got for it! ‘Coz that unique antique chair at Jonker Street is so worth it!




Whether you resist or persist, the curious nature of humankind will continue to foray towards perfecting and reinventing this ever debatable nugget of self-expression. Thanks to Mr. Selfie himself, Robert Cornelius and other creative photography rebels.

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