Melaka’s Kaleidoscope of Awe-Inspiring Artistry

Get acquainted with this multi-hued state as we reveal its artistic nature.


Art is actually not intimidating. Yes, really! It’s everywhere and so infused in our daily lives, like the design of your car or your new limited edition kicks that you don’t realise how much thought and creativity was put into it.


We want to show that anyone can appreciate art and how better to do that than to explore the technicolour parts of the artistic city of Melaka.


Street Art


From the hard-to-miss Orangutan House to the row of murals along Melaka River, take your pick of Instagrammable quirky art on Melaka’s historical facades.


The Orangutan House mural by popular local artist Charles Cham at Jonker Street, where his gallery is located.


A colourful sight along the Melaka River – an initiative by the state government in 2010 called ProjectARM, involving 8 artist groups and 1 graffiti artist to beautify a row of historical shophouses.


Kiehl’s joined the street art bandwagon to show their support in preserving heritage. You can find this along Jonker Street, an abstract splash of colours by local artist Fritilldea.






More street art along Jonker Street and Jalan Kampung Hulu by Charles Cham



 Art Galleries and Museums


Revive your mind and quench your visual thirst, within the spectacular realm of the painted universe.


The Melaka Art Gallery (Balai Seni Lukis Melaka) houses an amazing collection of modern and traditional art.


A welcoming gallery by artist Tham Siew Inn along Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock


 His works of art are displayed in a functional gallery where you have space to appreciate.


Old world artistic charm comes in the form of the Baba and Nyonya House Museum Melaka.


Hueman Studio by Kooi Hin. Check out how cool his studio is( located at Jalan Tokong).


Kooi Hin’s special talents can be seen in the form of Chinese-themed handmade prints, wood carvings and more.


Cheng Hoon Art Gallery’s small yet intimate zone at Jalan Tokong promises a surreal art experience.


G.M. Choo Art Gallery along Jalan Tokong is always a hive of artistic activity.


One of the many unique batik paintings which garnered G.M. Choo’s popularity. Take up one of his batik painting classes and you will be creatively rewarded.



Having fun while appreciating 3D Art at the Magic Art 3D Museum at Bukit Katil (above) and The Photographfie Art Gallery (below) in Plaza Merdeka.



Heritage Carpentry


The artisanal ancestral hands that carved intricate designs on architectural fittings and gorgeous antique furniture, can be found very much preserved in many parts of Melaka.


The mastery of wood carving designs are abundant in preserved Peranakan houses


An ancestral Chinese Clan building with stunning ornate carvings





Kampung Morten is a quaint Malay settlement rich with traditional wood carving decorations and antique furniture.


Charming handmade Peranakan antique furniture .



Traditional Crafts


Although a slowly dwindling trade, many try to keep the art alive by appealing to the hips-torical trend (hipster + historical), while staying true to skills passed down from generation to generation.


A lot of patience and love goes into the making of these exquisite Beaded Shoes.


The Baba (male) version of Beaded Shoes


Traditional clogs given a modern twist


Rattan furniture is made by hand to ensure the quality is uncompromised


Hand-woven “Mengkuang” (Screwpine Leaves) products which remains popular within the Cottage Industry.


The art of Signboard Carving has become very niche. Yet many still seek their expertise.


Bounded feet shoes from the heydays of China can be custom-made at Wah Aik Shoemaker at Jalan Tokong.



We’re sure that by now your eyes are wide with awe from all that we’ve revealed. If want to see more, just head to the nearest art gallery and let your imagination take control. Have fun exploring!

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