Quirky Holiday Fun

Our pick of cool places to keep your vacay momentum in constant, happy motion!

Planning your next break and feel like trying something different? Here’s an idea … How about ditching the sightseeing trail for a day or two? Seek some fun activities or find awesome places to hangout instead. If you’re game, then check out what we’ve discovered.


Sand Dunes



Whoever said that deserts are lifeless clearly hasn’t surfed on sand dunes. Take your pick of adrenalin pumping activities found at:

Dubai Sand Dunes – for a thrilling 4x4wd teetering-at-the-edges dune bashing drive, zippy sand skiing, snapping gorgeous sunset photo’s, offbeat camel rides or just a lavish buffet in the desert worthy of Lawrence of Arabia.

Athabasca Sand Dunes (Canada) – These amazing dunes are halfway submerged in water! Accessible only by a float plane, you can experience wilderness camping and fishing like Bear Grylls.

Great Dune of Pyla (France) – It’s mega huge! So paraglide over the massive dunes and enjoy the jaw dropping panoramic view. If you have kids, bring them to one of the many kid-friendly workshops available near the base of the dunes.

Dune 7 (Namibia) – Get bragging rights when you climb the highest and oldest sand dunes in the world, all 383m of it. Apart from sand skiing, quad biking and sand boarding, you will be making friends with exotic critters like the Namaqua Chameleon, Sidewinder Snake and Cartwheeling Spider.



Melaka Version: Sand Dunes @ Pantai Klebang. Just bring a flat opened cardboard box or a board, position yourself at the top and go WHEEEEEE as you come sliding down! Or bring a few NERF water guns and have a blast pretending that an intergalactic war is happening on a planet (like Tatooine) in Star Wars. The best part about these dunes are that they’re relatively undiscovered, so what are you waiting for?!




Upside Down Museum



Like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, these amusing topsy-turvy attractions are so wacky and oh so Instagram worthy! You can’t get enough of posing and snapping away at:

Upside Down House (Poland) – After your deliriously happy time snapping pictures in all the topsy turvy rooms inside, you can actually head outside, hop onto a horse-drawn carriage and check out other cool, nearby stops such as the largest piano and longest board in the world (well, at least according to Guinness Book of World Records).

Upside Down House (Canada) – You know what’s cool? This lopsided house is located right next to one of the world’s most prominent natural wonder, Niagara Falls. Are you amazed yet?

Upside Down House @ Baan Teelanka (Thailand) – At this tipped-over house, even the fishes in the aquarium and the car outside are upside down! As one of the three main attractions at this fun park, you can continue your fun-filled time at the puzzling maze-shaped garden and thrilling escape rooms.



Melaka Version: Upside Down House Gallery @ Plaza Mahkota. Try out these hilarious poses … put your arms and hands in the toilet bowl, open your mouth as though you were going to eat something from the kitchen table or pretend that you’ve floated out of bed. You’re guaranteed to have oodles of fun and definitely worthy of the entrance fee!

Admission Details: Upside Down House Melaka




Antique Flea Market



Yes, it may not be the latest Philippe Starck chair but that sturdy, gorgeous, teakwood version has existed even before your parents were born. Or way before your grandparents were. Hunt for unique antiquities with a modern twist at:

Treasure Island Flea Market (USA) – A hodgepodge mix of vintage, antiques and paintings from local artisans makes this a fascinating eclectic market to look for rare finds within a reasonable pricing bracket. You’ll find concession trucks everywhere for you to refuel with an awesome view of the city’s skyline before you continue on with your search.

Newark International Antiques & Collectors Fair (UK) – It’s been listed in the 1000 Places to See Before You Die! They have everything from the conventional to the wonderfully peculiar, like advertising signs, stained glass, pop-culture stuff like Coca-Cola merchandise and unique one-off pieces.

Puces De Vanves Flea Market (France) – Guess what? Almost everything in this market is suitcase-friendly! So you don’t have to think twice about buying that vintage perfume or that miniature antique wooden box.



Melaka Version: Jonker Street @ Jalan Hang Jebat. It has the most number of antique shops for you to pick and choose. The cool thing is that some of the antique shops are also cafes where you can actually sit on the displays while you take a break from your shopping. Yes, the idea is for you to consider it while sipping on your latte, people. Caffeine-induced decisions are always the best!







You don’t have to be an animal lover to enjoy a safari tour and getting close to nature’s wildlife brings out the adventurer in everyone, kinda like Indiana Jones but in safe mode. You can try out these cool safari parks outside of the African Continent:

Yala National Park (Sri Lanka) – Spreading out across 979 square metres, you’ll have a magnificent time watching endangered animals such as the Sri Lankan Elephants, Sloth Bear, Painted-Lip Lizard, Leopards and Saltwater Crocodiles in action.

Pantanal (Brazil) – It’s Jaguars all around! Load up your camera memory as there are a slew of other animals to snap pictures of as well such as the Giant Anteater, Toucans and even slithering Anancondas.

Chitwan National Park (Nepal) – Roar with the Royal Bengal Tiger, have a staring contest with a One-Horned Rhino or just hoot along with our Monkey cousins; then have a terrific time at the Tharu Village with its people and culture.



Melaka Version: Night Safari @ Melaka Zoo. You’ll get to enjoy a relaxing tram ride in a small yet fascinating area of interacting with the animals like Tigers and Deers. It will make your kids squeal with happiness seeing these amazing animals up close. So don’t miss this fun activity when you’re in Melaka!

Admission Details: Melaka Zoo and Night Safari




So start packing, take advantage of that wanderlust bug and head on to these off-kilter places, especially to the colourful city of Melaka.


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